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Stephen Walker- Walker Metalsmiths Celtic Jewelry

We are a craftsman run workshop specializing in authentic Celtic jewelry and mixed metal designs. We specialize in Celtic knotwork wedding rings, crosses, brooches and much more in Sterling Silver and Gold. Our workshop and gallery is located in the Village of Andover in rural Allegany County of Western New York State. We sell our own work as well as the creations of a few other Celtic designers and jewelers from Scotland and Ireland.

Open House June 9, 2017 from 4 - 8 PM at 1 Main Street, Andover, NY

Hamish Burgess

Hamish Douglas Burgess is an artist living on the island of Maui, in the Hawaiian Islands. He continues the ancient practice with his own Celtic art, traditional and modern. Coming from Celtic stock (Scottish), and living for many years in a Celtic area of Britain (Cornwall), he has a love of Celtic art and music instilled in him, producing Celtic artwork in different media, photography from the Celtic Lands, and playing the bagpipes - he also holds the Hawaii State tattoo artist license. He regularly spends time in the ancient Celtic areas of Britain, Ireland and Europe, studying ancient works of Celtic art, and visiting other artists. 

Ruth Black

I live and work in the Highlands of Scotland, working mostly from my studio at Inchmore, 6 miles from Inverness. My work involves many textile disciplines, but generally involves machine embroidery, hand weaving, hand felt-making, teaching and community art. I run the family business, Anna Macneil, where along with my daughter (Mary Wood) we make a variety of Harris Tweed products such as hats and scarves, wraps, bags and purses. We also offer a bespoke service making things such as coats and jackets embroidered with our distinctive Celtic designs.

Celtic Felt, a free workshop by Ruth Black, The Workshop, Inchmore, Kirkhill, IV5 7PX Inverness, Scotland

Ed Rooney

Ed Rooney has been involved in the graphic arts for over 40 years. He has had experience with printing presses, type setting, four color process films, and large format printing. Originally working with screen printing, his medium repertoire grew as technology matured. 

Exhibit June 9 at Barista Café, 529 Cinnaminson Ave, Palmyra, NJ (856) 786-0500

Michael Carroll

Of the many Celtic Revival artists working in America today, perhaps no one has come closer to reviving the art of the 8th century Irish monk than Celtic illuminator Michael Carroll.  Michael has spent many years researching and experimenting with the ancient methods and tools, gaining an intimate knowledge of the sublime decorated gospel pages of the Book of Kells.

Angelique Moorman

Ever since childhood, I feel a great love for and closeness to nature, gemstones, medicinal plants, trees, signs, shapes and colors, smells and numbers. Later, the curiosity that came motives of human action, psychology, philosophy, esotericism and spirituality. Through various detours, which later no detours proved but a help in raising awareness, yoga, art, mathematics, regular health care and landscaping, I entered the world of the mandala drawing, numerology and astrology, flower therapy.

Vítor González

Celtic Artist of the Asturias region of the Iberian Peninsula.


Javi Maen Log

Celtic Artist of the Iberian Peninsula
Con motivo de la celebración de Primer día Internacional del Arte Celta, hemos preparado una pequeña muestra de Arte Celta y Celtíbero en la que os mostraremos réplicas de fíbulas celtibéricas, joyería inspirada en la decoración de la cerámica numantina ... así como dibujos originales pirograbados sobre madera o cuerno.

Sean Fitzgerald

Book release, special edition hardbound available June 9, 2017  
Lugh na Bua
Athinsint i gcaint chraicneach ar cheann de sheanscéalta Chloich Cheann Fhaola.

Two new tellings in Irish and English by Cathal Ó Searcaigh and Seán Ó Gaoithín of a Donegal Folktale concerning the troublesome Balor and Lugh of the Tuatha Dé Danann, illustrated with stunning drawings by Sean Fitzgerald.

The Onslaught Press

Paperback from Amazon

Jen Delyth

Welsh artist Jen Delyth has been creating contemporary Celtic Art since 1989. Her original work is strongly connected to the traditional design language of her cultural heritage, to illustrate themes from Celtic mythology and symbolism. 

Jen is both an artist and a writer, and her work is  widely published in her adopted country. Delyth continues to hand-make a line oftextile and fine art prints and giclees in her studio in northern california, where she runs her online publishing business Celtic Art Studio.
Jen Delyth - Wales/Northern California 

June 9th - (virtual event) Fine Art Print Sale