"The contemporary descendants of ancient Celtic artists have, by common consent of the Discussion of Celtic Art Forum, declare that from this year forward, June 9 shall be known and celebrated as International Day of  Celtic Art. This celebration of Celtic Art coincides with the dedications of the Book of Kells and Book of Durrow to St. Columba and his feast day."

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The International Day of Celtic Art, designated as the 9th of June, is a special moment in the year when people who have an appreciation for Celtic art are encouraged to display and share Celtic art with a special sense of pride and purpose. By doing this a greater appreciation of this ancient and mysterious art form will be fostered.

Events and exhibits are planned from Hawaii to the Iberian Peninsula, Scotland, Ireland and the United States. Anyone can celebrate Celtic Art Day wherever you are by wearing Celtic design clothing, jewelry, tattoos, displaying and creating art work and by talking about it and sharing on social media.